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Happy Monday! On today's show: the strange furore around the re-imagination of Disney's Ariel, how Taylor Swift's fans are pushing her feud with Scooter Braun into dangerous territory and the Byron Bay influencers who graced the pages of the world's best article in Vanity Fair. Thanks so much to the very lovely Stephanie Alexopoulos for this week's remix! If you want to get involved and remix one of Zara's best sayings, please email your mp3 submission to - we thank you in advance for the lols at her expense. Shameless is a production of Shameless Media.
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Heya! On today's show: Rebecca Black is officially back and so is Aziz Ansari. And later, how do we feel about women photoshopping their bodies to be larger than they are? Zara recommends Uroll.Me and Mich recommends listening to Extremes by Vice. (Royalty free music for Michelle's weird remix...
Published 07/15/19
Today's In Conversation episode is with one firecracker of a human, Em Rusciano. We adore Em for her wit and intelligence, but most of all her honesty and vulnerability. She is one of a kind and we hope you enjoy this chat about career, family and life in the public eye. Oh, and a note before we...
Published 07/11/19
Happy Thursday! Today on the show we have the very lovely, very bubbly, Brooke Blurton. You may remember Brooke from her time on The Bachelor and The Bachelor in Paradise, but in truth, Brooke's story is about far more than her short foray on reality TV. Given this week is NAIDOC week, it feels...
Published 07/04/19