The Bermuda Triangle of Depressions
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This week Mat and Michaela focus on mental health and the current forces of Seasonal Depression, Pandemic Depression, and Normal Depression merging into one. They answer questions from listeners and discuss their own experiences with these issues, including a lot of the things they do personally to cope. At the end of the episode, they list some ways depression might present itself, and do a Bachelorette recap. Of course, there are the worst Tinder Bios of the week as well! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Mat & Michaela discuss Post-Social Anxiety… Post-Drinking Society.. and other forms of Social Anxiety that have been heightened since quarantine. They also answer “Should I Tell My Partner," rank #TinderBioTuesdays and recap the Bachelorette episode this week & people’s cyber-bullying of...
Published 07/13/21
This week Mat & Michaela answer listener questions and concerns, play #TinderBioTuesday, and discuss the Bachelorette. Questions include coming out to your partner as bisexual, investigating your cheating fears, staying with someone for the ~sex~, and more! Learn more about your ad choices....
Published 07/06/21
Michaela and Mat are back for another voicemail filled episode! They talk about egging exes’ houses, answer some dating app questions, and discuss the Britney Spears testimony. Of course, the episode features some Tinder Bio Tuesdays and a Bachelorette recap :)  Learn more about your ad choices....
Published 06/29/21