Drag Queens, Drive-Thrus & Disaster: The Ultimate 'Not Well' Journey
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Welcome to this week's hilarious and disastrous episode of "Not Well" with your favorite dynamic duo, Bobby and Jim. Starting off with a recording mishap, this episode is full of chaos, laughter, and a hint of existential crisis. Fresh from a boozy St. Patrick's Day happy hour, Bobby decides an edible is just what the doctor ordered. As they realize their recording mishap, the conversation turns to Bobby's upcoming trip to a gay campground called Camp Buckwood in Indiana. Jim warns Bobby to watch out for Mike Pence and "Mother" while he's there, and they banter about milkmaids and lead paint makeup. Jim spirals into a deep, dark place as he laments the difficulty of meeting new people in Columbus. He's convinced that everyone moves away and lives amazing lives, but Bobby reminds him that life is monotonous. They discuss astronomical bar tabs and why they should pay for themselves instead of a group of people. The conversation shifts to old women talk shows like Drew Barrymore's, with Jim insisting that she's old. Bobby reminds him that maybe he's just getting old, too. Speaking of mortality, they share their current adult situations about choosing their end-of-life options. The topic takes a sharp turn into the realm of student council and singing for old people at the nursing home. Bobby admits he's actually scared of old people and special needs individuals, while Jim shares his own nursing home horror story involving cleaning old people after bathroom breaks. They reminisce about the good old days when Nina West and her drag mother, Virginia West, were regulars in Columbus. They even discuss a new restaurant in Grandview where Virginia now works, and marvel at her crazy life and sleep schedule. The episode takes an emotional turn when "Mike" calls in from Florida, mourning his friend who died in Cleveland. He talks about his husband, a lawyer who spends too much money. Bobby thinks he sounds hot, but Jim thinks he sounds sad. Jim goes off the rails, discussing bachelorette parties infiltrating obscure gay bars and how it's offensive, but also acknowledging the need for equality and safe spaces. This leads to a tailspin about his desire to move and feeling trapped in his current life. The show takes a humorous turn as they play a Twitter post from a local Columbus man who wants to be humiliated by other men. Jim hits the metaphorical eject button, insisting no straight guy will ever like him, and Bobby suggests he write poetry again to reconnect with himself. They wrap up with sundries, with Bobby talking about bad service at fast food drive-throughs and Jim discussing Gen Z dressing up like '90s kids. In the end, "Not Well" delivers a wild ride full of laughter, nostalgia, and a touch of introspection. Support the showAs always you can write us at [email protected] or call us at ‪(614) 721-5336‬ and tell us your Not Wells of the week Instagram Twitter Bobby's Only Fans Help us continue to grow and create amazing content, like a live tour or just help fund some new headphones when needed. Any help is appreacited. https://www.buzzsprout.com/510487/subscribe #gaypodcast #podcast #gay #lgbtq #queerpodcast #lgbt #lgbtpodcast #lgbtqpodcast #gaypodcaster #queer#instagay #podcasts #podcasting #gaylife #pride #lesbian #bhfyp #gaycomedy #comedypodcast #comedy #nyc #614 #shesnotdoingsowell #wiltonmanor #notwell
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