Hot, Bothered, and High: Work Stress, Budweiser Gripes, and the Allure of the Oblivious Nerd
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Hold onto your pu**y as you dive into this wild ride of an episode with Bobby and Jim in "Not Well." In this multifaceted chat, our hosts unapologetically traverse through the twists and turns of workplace stress, unorthodox relaxation techniques, and some, shall we say, "unique" recreational activities. Starting off, Bobby and Jim share their trials and tribulations of spearheading a new project at work, interspersed with some hilarious anecdotes about the side effects of a "high" stress relief session. Who knew a broken glass could prompt such deep introspection about our responses to mistakes? Next, they transport you to Freedom Valley, a campground that invites you to shed your inhibitions, and, apparently, your clothes too. Listen as they describe the liberating experience of skinny-dipping and how it sparked a nude revolution among the camp-goers. The hosts then pivot to consumerism and capitalism, as they navigate through discussions on their recent shopping sprees, exorbitant restaurant bills, and critique of a Budweiser ad that got their eyes rolling. Brace yourself for a candid debate on the commercialization of Pride Month and the pitfalls of performative activism, revealing a side of the corporate world that many of us fail to recognize. And, just when you thought they couldn't cover more ground, Bobby and Jim dig into the frustration of America's socio-economic landscape, specifically addressing the issues of healthcare, savings, and financial instability. Their thoughts on Gen Z's approach to personal wellness and the abandoning of traditional retirement structures add a whole new layer to the conversation. They then navigate the fascinating world of attraction, particularly the pull towards 'nerdy hot guys,' adding a touch of humor and relatability to the complexities of relationships and social interactions. Finally, the episode concludes with a sprinkle of self-discovery amid astrological reflections and a venting session about the exasperating journey to get a SIM card issue resolved. In essence, this episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, a medley of thoughtful critiques, humorous anecdotes, and raw honesty. It's a testament to Bobby and Jim's ability to turn every conversation into a blend of enlightenment and entertainment. Join them in this wild ride because, as they say, we're all 'Not Well,' but we're doing just fine. Support the showAs always you can write us at [email protected] or call us at ‪(614) 721-5336‬ and tell us your Not Wells of the week Instagram Twitter Bobby's Only Fans Help us continue to grow and create amazing content, like a live tour or just help fund some new headphones when needed. Any help is appreacited. #gaypodcast #podcast #gay #lgbtq #queerpodcast #lgbt #lgbtpodcast #lgbtqpodcast #gaypodcaster #queer#instagay #podcasts #podcasting #gaylife #pride #lesbian #bhfyp #gaycomedy #comedypodcast #comedy #nyc #614 #shesnotdoingsowell #wiltonmanor #notwell
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