She's Still Not Doing So Well
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In this uproarious episode of the Not Well podcast, hosts Bobby and Jim are celebrating their mind-blowing 200th episode milestone, and they can't believe they made it this far. These two laugh-out-loud funny individuals have been on an absolute tear, recording episodes even in the most outlandish situations like a nuclear holocaust or acid rain. Now, that's some serious dedication! Jim and Bobby dive headfirst into the giggles with their eccentric banter about breast milk (trust us, it's a long story) and sibling preferences (we all have our top picks, right?). They also spill the beans on hilarious anecdotes about their drinking habits and how they handle those dreaded hangovers. When it comes to combating the morning-after blues, mimosas during brunch are their secret weapon. Because, really, who can resist the enchanting fusion of bubbly champagne and tangy orange juice? The hosts get real about relationships, stressing the importance of staying true to oneself while being the ultimate cheerleader for your partner. They play a side-splitting voicemail from a listener grappling with the single life after a long-term relationship. Their witty advice includes personal growth, making new buddies, and even pondering therapy as a way to navigate solo living.  Jim tells us about how he hit up various bars, including an electrifying drag king show, and boy, do they have some knee-slapping observations to share. From critiquing jaw-dropping performances to discussing mind-boggling makeup choices, their sharp-witted commentary leaves no stone unturned. Trey table upright, Bobby is about to take you on a hilarious adventure through his travel mishaps. Get ready for seat upgrades gone awry (middle seats, anyone?), encounters with talkative Uber drivers who love cranking up the volume and indulging in lengthy phone conversations. It's a rollercoaster of comedic moments and travel-related blunders that'll have you in stitches. In Atlanta, the fun keeps rolling as Jim reunites with their mom and savors a delectable Pub Sub sandwich that's beyond words. They regale us with tales of their outrageous exploits with family and friends, hitting up bars and unleashing their inner party animals. From sassy encounters to captivating conversations, their time in Atlanta is an absolute riot. Finally, Jim and Bobby spill their secrets for surviving the aftermath of a wild night, with mimosas reigning supreme. They also tantalize us with the idea of a Labor Day trip and the intriguing concept of gay campgrounds. Who knew camping could be such a barrel of laughs? As the episode comes to a close, Bobby shares a hysterical observation about pilots owning up to less-than-stellar landings, and they delve into their fascination with tracking planes on flight maps.  Massive thank you to out incredible listeners!!! We love you Support the showAs always you can write us at [email protected] or call us at ‪(614) 721-5336‬ and tell us your Not Wells of the week Instagram Twitter Bobby's Only Fans Help us continue to grow and create amazing content, like a live tour or just help fund some new headphones when needed. Any help is appreacited. #gaypodcast #podcast #gay #lgbtq #queerpodcast #lgbt #lgbtpodcast #lgbtqpodcast #gaypodcaster #queer#instagay #podcasts #podcasting #gaylife #pride #lesbian #bhfyp #gaycomedy #comedypodcast #comedy #nyc #614 #shesnotdoingsowell #wiltonmanor #notwell
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