Widowed by a Seagull
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In this week’s episode of Sh**ged Married Annoyed Chris has a near miss with a seagull and Rosie has some correspondence from The National Lottery. As well as all of this there’s questions about staying friends with exes, who apologises first and whether Chris could live with Rosie’s alter ego - Rosie Mamsey... he definitely couldn’t, she wouldn’t have him.
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In this week’s podcast Chris and Rosie cover a variety of topics including swear words, women drivers (!) and how they feel about using each other’s phones. As well as this there is some weekly beef and a celebrity question from Podcast royalty Giovanna Fletcher.
Published 05/17/19
This week on the podcast Chris and Rosie discuss embarrassing parental behaviour, who would win in a fight and dubious Instagram behaviour. They also hear from comedian Daniel Sloss who wants to know if either have conceded an argument when they actually think they’re right
Published 05/10/19
On this week’s podcast Chris and Rosie discuss caravans, crisp packet colours and lying about sexual partners. They have a great question from Radio Royalty Sara Cox plus they answer the age old question – Ant OR Dec?
Published 05/03/19