Ep 17. The square root of sex
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On the podcast this week Chris and Rosie discuss nudist beaches, an unusual ‘would you rather’ and farting after sex. As well as all of this there’s their weekly beef and a celeb question from Comedian Lee Ridley.
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This week Chris and Rosie discuss loud yawners, towel sharing and living together, separately. Rosie also recalls her eventful journey home from The Spice Girls – brace yourselves!
Published 06/14/19
This week Rosie and Chris record the podcast next to the bare carcass of a chicken (good effort Rosie). They discuss tag team lie ins, embarrassing kid stories, lazy DIY and give some advice to couples going on holiday together. Or not.
Published 05/31/19
This week on the podcast Rosie and Chris discuss safe words, what they wear in bed and things they believed as a kid. Plus, Rosie reveals her new song and there’s a celebrity question from the original Guv’nor – Al Murray.
Published 05/24/19