Ep 21. Double dip with me all day long
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This week the Ramsey’s discuss an interesting trip to an outdoor pool, the joy of ear wax, cheese grating techniques and Rosie’s trouble with phrases.
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This week on the podcast double dipping returns, Rosie brings some serious beef and there's a surprising personal grooming question. And as an additional treat, Chris has a little test for Rosie.
Published 07/12/19
The Ramsey’s are back from their Holidays and have some brilliant beef to share. They also answer questions about naked neighbours, dressing etiquette and a tooth pick alternative.
Published 06/28/19
Rosie and Chris are on their holidays so on this week's podcast they share some questions from the public that didn't make it in the first time round. They discuss how often they change their sheets, plucking in public and pineapple on pizza.
Published 06/21/19