Ep 21. Double dip with me all day long
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This week the Ramsey’s discuss an interesting trip to an outdoor pool, the joy of ear wax, cheese grating techniques and Rosie’s trouble with phrases.
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Chris and Rosie have been inundated with hostel stories so strap in for some hilarious/disturbing tales! Also this week there is some bluetooth beef, proposal nostalgia, a revelation that involves Yorkshire Pudding mix and a great question from the brilliant Sian Gibson.
Published 10/11/19
This week on the podcast Rosie and Chris discuss school detention, Fireman Sam's only Italian resident, that annoying workmate and much more! Plus Rosie has a cough that is getting on Chris's nerves, big style.
Published 10/04/19
This week on the podcast Chris and Rosie discuss week one on Strictly, the train to London with Brenda the Womble, popping spots, noisy randy neighbours and there is a fishy question from Chris's brilliant dance partner Karen Hauer.
Published 09/27/19