Sh**ged Married Annoyed
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This week on the podcast Chris & Rosie record a podcast and keep it extra real with some live interruptions. If anyone sees Tony, tell him they have his parcels! There's weekly beefs plus one for Netflix, Rosie suggests a unique way of having children and QFTP's cover butt plugs, guinea pigs...
Published 01/14/22
It's 2022 and Rosie and Chris are celebrating with fireworks, sort of. Sandra's Christmas presents get a shout out and Rosie has beef with Chris's cold.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Published 01/07/22
It's the last SMA of the year and the Ramsey's are feeling festive! There's singing, festive beef and some christmassy QFTP's. All of this plus we here why Rosie is on the naughty list and how Chris is messing with new family traditions. We hope all the smas and das have a Merry Christmas and a...
Published 12/24/21