Ep #68: The Calling Card Film
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Have you heard of the calling card film?  It's the idea that you make a micro budget film that acts as a calling card to the powers that be, so that you can climb the ladder of filmmaking success.   But what if you make a good film...and no one pays attention? In this episode, I dissect the idea of the calling card film and explore what we should really be aiming for when we commit to making a micro budget indie film.  To join the Shoot from the Heart Society: https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960  To sign up for the free class So You Want To Make A Movie? --> www.dianebell.com/movieclass
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The midpoint in a script or a film is a crucial moment.  Typically, it's not a moment of big action, but more about the internal life of the protagonist.  It's the moment that they truly decide and there's no turning back; a moment where they look in the mirror and see who they are, what they...
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