Ep #78: There's no money (and what to do about it!)
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The #1 reason people give for not making their movie is lack of finance.  This becomes even more of a block when every day the news is full of talk of global recession, rising costs and hard times. So what can we do about it? In this episode, I share how and why your success is NOT dependent on the global situation and what it actually IS dependent on. You'll also learn 3 actionable strategies to shift yourself away from feeling disempowered around money and raising finance. To join the Shoot From the Heart Society --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960
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Ever feel in a rush to get where you want to go? Feel like if you don't keep hustling, keep moving, keep pushing that you're never going to get there? While it's great to have big dreams and goals, the truth is life is NOW. If we think we can't have fun, be happy or feel abundant and secure...
Published 10/27/22
Ever heard the story that you have to write at least 3-5 scripts before you sell one? Who made that rule?!   And is it even true?? In this episode, I dive into this myth that you'll hear regurgitated all around the online screenwriting world and share my own personal experience not only selling...
Published 10/27/22