Ep #106: How Mentorship Can Help (and How It Can't)
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Do you need mentorship and group programs in order to achieve success? If you've been debating whether to sign up for a coach or program, I analyze why to do it, what it can help with you - and also why you don't NEED it. For a fresh perspective on what it really takes to succeed, pour a coffee, pull up a chair, and listen in! To sign up for the FREE live masterclass, THE 4 SECRETS TO SELLING YOUR SCRIPT --> click HERE To join the free Facebook group, THE SHOOT FROM THE HEART SOCIETY --> click HERE To sign up for THE NETWORK, my membership for screenwriters and filmmakers who are serious about succeeding --> click HERE
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Often things don't go as planned (or how we hope) and it's outside our control.  What we make of these obstacles and setbacks matters a lot. In this episode, you're going to learn how to take control of the narrative of your life in a way that serves you and helps you reach your goals. To sign...
Published 04/14/23
There are literally thousands of screenwriting competitions out there, and it can feel like they are an essential step in the journey to success as a screenwriter - but don't fool yourself into thinking that you need them! You don't. Here I dissect screenwriting competitions:  why you should...
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