Ep #38: 3 Things You MUST Do if You Want to Make Your Movie
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You've got a script and you want to make a movie. But where to start? In this session, I'll share with you the first three things you MUST do to create a solid foundation for your film's success. You'll learn about the importance of a doable script (and what that really means), why your script shouldn't be over 100 pages, and who you need to hire first. Get ready for thirty minutes of film fuel magic! And if you're ready to watch my FREE train The 5 Keys to Filmmaking Success, go to www.dianebell.com/filmmaking and sign up today.
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I'm planning to write a new screenplay by the end of the year, and I wrote a list of the 5 things that I think might stop me. In this episode, I share what they are, and identify the #1 thing that can stop any of us (you included!). If you want to write a screenplay by the end of the year,...
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Many screenwriters ask this question as they contemplate writing a new script. Is this idea good enough? In this episode I dig into what we are really asking, and why it might be the wrong question. Along the way, expect thoughts on what makes a movie good, the key to a compelling script,...
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The statistics are what they are: most scripts won't sell, most movies won't get made (and even of those that do, most won't ever get seen). You are not looking for conventional results in this industry - you are looking for miracles! But how to miracles happen? Do you have to be special to...
Published 10/09/20