Ep #49: Reset Revolution (Part 2)
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In the second excerpt from my recent masterclass series RESET REVOLUTION, we explore the role luck plays in achieving your goals and how to make yourself lucky. You'll also learn why (when setting goals) you must dare to follow your true heart's desires. To join the exclusive FB group, The Shoot From the Heart Society and watch the rest of this training (for FREE), click here --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/239946376921960
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"Don't aim too high and you'll never be disappointed."  Sound familiar?  Many of us are taught to be sensible and only aim for things we are certain to achieve...but what if it's our big crazy dreams that will really make us live our biggest, best lives? In this episode, I explore why big dreams...
Published 07/11/22
The midpoint in a script or a film is a crucial moment.  Typically, it's not a moment of big action, but more about the internal life of the protagonist.  It's the moment that they truly decide and there's no turning back; a moment where they look in the mirror and see who they are, what they...
Published 06/20/22