Ep #66 - Money and Movies
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To make a movie, you need cash and it's easy to feel like THE thing stopping you from achieving success as a filmmaker is a lack of finance. In this episode, I invite you to think about what money is and how it relates to making movies. Join me for a free masterclass on this topic, starting September 15: www.dianebell.com/money
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It seems like there are lots of new people in my world just now, and I wanted to take a moment to share a little of my own story, of where I'm from and how I got here.  Grab a coffee, and let me introduce myself.  I appreciate you listening so much. If you'd like to join the Shoot From the Heart...
Published 05/18/22
Have you heard of the calling card film?  It's the idea that you make a micro budget film that acts as a calling card to the powers that be, so that you can climb the ladder of filmmaking success.   But what if you make a good film...and no one pays attention? In this episode, I dissect the idea...
Published 05/16/22