Have you ever heard yourself say, "I'll start when the time is right?"  And of course, it's not the right time now, is it?Spoiler alert: it's NEVER the right time - until you decide it is.In this episode, you'll learn a simple exercise to shift your...
Published 05/01/20
In this practical session, I share what you need to do if you want to write a screenplay.  If you've ever wanted to write one, you'll learn an actionable approach to getting started.If you'd like to dive deeper into how to write a screenplay...
Published 04/16/20
Published 04/16/20
In this episode, I share a recent livestream I did in my group, Unleash Your Creativity.  The subject is meditation.  To do your best creative work, you must be able to clearly hear your inner voice and guidance - and that is made possible by a simple 5...
Published 04/08/20
Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck? This is for you.
Published 04/01/20
To create the life you want, you must first consciously choose your thoughts
Published 03/25/20
In just a week, the world has changed.  It's natural to feel fearful as we navigate these uncertain times, but does it help?In this impromptu episode, I share some thoughts on the current crisis particularly as it pertains to screenwriters and...
Published 03/20/20
You were born for a reason. Don't hide from your destiny.
Published 03/11/20
Have you ever experienced writer's block?  In this episode, I explore what causes it and how to overcome it.  For more information, go to www.dianebell.com
Published 03/04/20
A brief guide to breaking the "lucky" code
Published 02/26/20
What stops us achieving our goals is ourselves
Published 02/19/20
AKA what not to do if you want to write something great!
Published 02/19/20
Overcoming the blocks that stop you from writing
Published 02/17/20
Every artist experiences it: you create something you love, but are rejected left, right and center.  You're doing everything you can, but nothing seems to be going your way. What should you do?  In this episode, I explore some ways to evolve and heal f...
Published 02/12/20
To guarantee success, this is essential.
Published 02/05/20
If you don't believe, no one else will either.
Published 01/29/20
Why is so hard to show up for our dreams?
Published 01/22/20
You don't learn by consuming, you learn by creating.
Published 01/15/20
The first key of success: follow your heart
Published 01/07/20