#39: Let's Chat and Hang Out!
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It's been awhile, so let's hang out and give you some updates.  Also, Gwen turns Gigi into a k-pop stan and we judge each other by what Netflix does when we tell it to play something...what?! Follow us on twitter for the latest podcast updates, future episode polls, etc. http://twitter.com/shoujotrashshow Please consider supporting us on Patreon to receive bonus episodes and other fun perks: http://patreon.com/animepalooza Youtube subscribers always get episodes first! http://youtube.com/c/Animepalooza And you can always follow us on socials~ Gigi's Twitter: http://twitter.com/animepalooza Gwen's Twitter: http://twitter.com/cookingkoala2_0 Gwen's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_VZZvNIPDywCV_2W0BhpA   BGM: Fused from the Youtube Audio Library   Thanks for listening!  Love your faces!
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