Instant Chemistry Vs. Building A Connection with Dating Coach Jess Matthews
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Today I am joined by Jess Matthews, also colloquially known as “The Boy Detox”. The questions we answer on this episode:  You fell in love with your best friend - I'd love to hear this story! Why did you break up? Are you dating now?A lot of people are looking for that "instant spark" - what are your thoughts on this? Do we need to let go of instant sexual chemistry and focus on building a genuine connection instead?You mentioned to me that falling in love with a best friend shifts the dynamic, especially when it comes to sexual intimacy - can you talk me through this shift?Do you think it's worth being more open minded and patient when dating? I'm usually like "no" if there's no physical chemistry instantly. But more recently I decided to keep pursuing someone I wasn't sure about and thought, "Nah, there's nothing here," but then we kissed and it was total fireworks. How many dates do you think you need to give someone before writing them off? What needs to be there at a bare minimum to keep getting to know them?What are your thoughts on building a connection first before getting physical? I think it's really nice. I had a guy follower mention that he had tried this with a girl and it didn't go well - he wanted to wait to get to know her before having sex. Jess' website: Jess' Instagram:
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