The Benefits Of Being Alone with Psych With Sokz
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Today I am joined by psychologist Nancy Sokarno, also known as Psych With Sokz. The questions we answer on this episode:  How has the pandemic changed our relationship with being alone?A follower sent me the following, "One of the positives of lockdown was we were put in a meditative state - where we got time to think and decide which way we want to grow."  Do you think the alone time was overall a positive or negative experience for people or does it depend on the person? Will people emerge with new ideas on life? You've previously said,  “Being alone also often allows you to make better decisions because you aren’t persuaded by outside influence." Can you explain why?Are there other benefits of being alone? Are there benefits of doing things outside of your comfort zone alone eg. travel?Do some people prefer to be single & alone than be in a coupled-up, long-term relationship?Nancy's website: Nancy's Instagram:
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