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If you're over hookup culture and want to build a deeper connection with someone, this is the episode for you! Today I chat with Love & Relationship Expert, Dr Lurve about how to sloooow down with dating so that you can build a connection first.  The questions we answer in this episode:  What are the pros & cons of modern dating (dating apps in particular)?It seems that dating has become a bit of a numbers game - should we be looking at quality over quantity? What is the "slow dating" trend?Is "slow dating" the antidote to hookup culture?There are a lot of dating rules (who pays, when it's appropriate to sleep with someone, etc). I recently dated someone at a much slower pace and felt the connection was a lot stronger by the time we did sleep together. Do you think we all need to just slow down & get to know each other first?What would be your top tips for slow dating? Is boundary-setting important? Do you need to be honest upfront that you're going to be spending more time getting to know the other person?What are your dating predictions for the future?You can follow Dr Lurve on Instagram here: Dr Lurve's website: Dr Lurve's podcast: Thanks to Novo Shoes for being our sponsor. You can use the discount code SINGLEMINDED20 at
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