The Pressure To Marry (& Then My Husband Ghosted Me) with Rav Randhawa
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On today's episode, I'm joined with fellow single gal and podcaster Rav Randhawa to talk about societal pressure to get married (and what happens when it doesn't work out).  The questions we answer on this episode:  You've spoken about your family putting pressure on you to settle down and follow that traditional path - tell me about your upbringing and how that pressure manifested? You got married quite young - what happened? You got "ghosted" by your husband - can you take us through that story?Did you feel relief when the marriage ended? How did you heal? Have you done any personal development?How has dating been as a divorcee in your early 30s? Follow me on Instagram for more dating stories: Rav's Instagram: Fight Like A Girl Podcast:
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