Dexter Roberts on ‘The Myth of Chinese Capitalism’
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On this week's show, veteran reporter Dexter "Tiff" Roberts chats with Kaiser and Jeremy about his new book, The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, the Factory, and the Future of the World. 6:28: What is the myth of Chinese capitalism? 20:17: Chinese migrant workers and their children 35:54: Labor conditions in China 40:28: Strikes, the CCP, and labor union overhaul 45:48: Taobao villages and the transformation of the Chinese countryside Recommendations: Jeremy: Videos for children in Chinese and English, coupled with improvised music by Wu Fei.  Dexter: From the Soil: The Foundations of Chinese Society, by Fèi Xiàotōng 费孝通.  Kaiser: The first two books in the trilogy by Hilary Mantel: Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.
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