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#SistersInLaw On Tour: Go to politicon.com/tour to get ready for our live tour in May!  We’re starting off in  Portland, OR– May 12.   New York City, NY– May 19.  Washington, DC– May 21.   Get your tickets today - politicon.com/tour  #SistersInLaw lay out the ramifications of the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News and what it means for the future of their analysis and reporting, before covering the latest developments in the abortion war– including how Walgreens has shied away from protecting women’s access to the pill, and the possible legal remedies.  Then, they examine policing practices in the wake of events in Louisville. WEBSITE & TRANSCRIPT Email: [email protected] or tweet using #SistersInLaw From #SistersInLaw From Jill NY Times article about “Birthright” You can watch “Birthright” on PlutoTV From Kim On the latest in the abortion wars From Barb On recent J6 developments Please Support This Week’s Sponsors HelloFresh:  Enjoy 65% off plus free shipping on delicious HelloFresh meals delivered right to your door when you go to hellofresh.com/sisters65 and use promo code: SISTERS65 Olive & June: Get 20% off your mani system when you go to oliveandjune.com/sil and use promo code: SIL OSEA Malibu:  Get 10% off your order of clean beauty products from OSEA along with free samples and free shipping on orders over $60 when you go to oseamalibu.com and use promo code: SISTERS Honey:  To get Honey for free and start saving on your shopping, go to joinhoney.com Helix:  Helix is offering up to 20% off all mattress orders and two free pillows for our listeners! go to helixsleep.com/sisters. Get More From #Sisters In Law Joyce Vance: Twitter | University of Alabama Law | MSNBC | Civil Discourse Substack Jill Wine-Banks: Twitter | Facebook | Website | Author of The Watergate Girl: My Fight For Truth & Justice Against A Criminal President Kimberly Atkins Stohr: Twitter | Boston Globe | WBUR | Unbound Newsletter Barb McQuade: Twitter | University of Michigan Law | Just Security | MSNBC
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#SistersInLaw are back in the studio to share the latest news coming out relating to Donald’s handling of top secret and classified documents, and why their security is so important.  They go on to discuss the SCOTUS ruling against the EPA on wetland protections and how it impacts marginalized...
Published 05/27/23
#SistersInLaw are live in Washington, DC for a look at Trump’s endless legal troubles spanning his continued defamation of E. Jean Carroll, J6, and the possession of classified documents.  Then they discuss the rise of bigoted anti-trans legislation and what it means for those affected, before...
Published 05/24/23
Published 05/24/23