Best Of (Lakers lose despite LeBron's return, Lamar says he requested a trade weeks ago, Would Zeke sign with the Eagles?)
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00:00 How did LeBron look coming off the bench in Lakers 118-108 loss to the Bulls? ((Read more about LeBron's return HERE)) 22:36 Report: Eagles, Jets and Bengals are interested in signing Ezekiel Elliott 42:24 Lamar Jackson tweets that he requested a trade on March 2nd ((Which team has the best odds to sign Lamar? Read HERE)) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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00:00 NBA Finals Game 1 preview. Do the Nuggets or Heat take the 1-0 lead? 24:55 Are you buying the comparison between Nikola Jokic and Tim Duncan? 39:39 Will the Denver high altitude impact be a big factor in the NBA Finals? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 06/01/23
00:00 Who wins Game 1: Heat or Nuggets? 25:25 Any concern over lack of star power in NBA Finals? /Is Tim Duncan a good comp to Jokic? 55:46 Think LeBron wants Kyrie on the Lakers? 1:07:30 How big of a factor is the altitude in Denver? 1:16:34 Revisiting 2021 Heat-Nuggets beef 1:27:18 Anonymous...
Published 06/01/23
Published 06/01/23