Full show (Could Kawhi ditch Clippers in 3 years?, LeBron + Vogel chemistry, OBJ’s new look, Ezekiel Elliott, Russell Westbrook)
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- Should Clippers be worried Kawhi will ditch them in 3 years? (:14)- Worried LeBron and Frank Vogel are already off to a bad start? (23:31)  - Is OBJ’s new look a sign he is maturing in Cleveland? (38:38)- Has Kawhi taken LeBron’s throne at the top of the league? (48:24)- Buying that NBA superstars are avoiding LeBron? (1:01:54) - Will Ezekiel Elliott carry the Cowboys to another NFC East title? (1:14:52)- Stephen Jackson stops by to discuss if Kawhi has taken LeBron’s throne (1:27:35) - Agree that Westbrook would make the Heat a contender? (1:39:39) - Is Boogie Cousins too confident in the Lakers title chances? (1:49:09)- Concerned about Cowboys locker room already? (1:54:07) 
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