On this week's Sky Sports F1 Podcast, Matt Baker is joined by the voice of F1, David Croft, and a seven-time F1 race winner, Juan Pablo Montoya. Reflection on Monaco GP (00:47) Can Aston Martin compete against Red Bull? (08:59) What is the recipe to success in F1? (14:19) Has Fernandes Alonso changed? (16:33) Is Lance Stroll underrated? (22:50) Dads in F1 (25:12) We are seeing the best ever Fernando Alonso? (30:04) Can Fernando Alonso win the Spanish GP again? (37:47) Indy 500 review (42:38).
Published 05/30/23
Ted Kravitz is in Monte Carlo to look ahead to the weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. Ted wonders if Charles Leclerc can finally win his home race, discusses the rumours about Lewis Hamilton's future, and considers whether Mercedes' upgrades will make much difference on the streets of the principality.
Published 05/25/23
Published 05/25/23
Matt Baker, Ted Kravitz, Simon Lazenby and Naomi Schiff join for our latest pod. They review the fallout from the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (1.28) and discuss whether Lewis Hamilton could be set to join Ferrari (15.20). The team debate what drivers could be moving in the 'silly season' (32.01) before previewing this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix (40.29).
Published 05/23/23
Sky Sports F1's Rachel Brookes gives her account of the devastating flooding around Imola, as Craig Slater goes into detail explaining why the decision to cancel the GP was made.
Published 05/18/23
On this week's Sky Sports F1 Podcast, Matt Baker hitches a ride with Damon Hill to discuss the highs and lows of the historic Emilia Romagna track (06:53) and whether Ferrari could see any improvements when they return home (16:37). Could Charles Leclerc have his head turned this season by another team? (19:36) And we address the rumours of whether Daniel Ricciardo could replace Nyck De Vries at AlphaTauri? (27:27)
Published 05/16/23
On this week's Sky Sports F1 Podcast, Matt Baker is joined by Martin Brundle, Natalie Pinkham and Karun Chandhok to discuss all the thrills from the Miami Grand Prix. The team discuss if all 3 tyre compounds should be used during different races (05:06), what did Sir Jackie Stewart say to Roger Federer? (30:47) and debate the success of LL Cool J's pre-race introduction (39:04).
Published 05/09/23
Ted Kravitz is joined by David Croft and Simon Lazenby to look ahead to the weekend's Miami Grand Prix. They discuss the fallout from George Russell and Max Verstappen's battle in Baku, the rivalry between the world champion and his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez, and ponder what Ferrari can do to become competitive for race wins again.
Published 05/05/23
Sky F1's Ant Davidson and Rachel Brookes are joined by Max Verstappen's former performance engineer Blake Hinsey to reflect on the new Sprint format in Baku (06:30). They also discuss the title battle between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez (26:45) and explain why Aston Martin's 'bromance' is the dream partnership (49:31).
Published 05/02/23
Ted Kravitz has been looking ahead to the Azerbaijan GP and what storylines we can expect from the fourth race of the season. He discusses what the new format of the Sprint weekend will look like, Max Verstappen's negative reaction to it, how Ferrari's Laurent Mekies will replace Franz Tost as AlphaTauri team principal, James Alisson's return to Mercedes and the big question surrounding the weekend: whether Fernando Alonso is dating Taylor Swift!
Published 04/27/23
Matt Baker is joined by Haas team principal Guenther Steiner to discuss his new book (1.39) and what his relationship is like with Mick Schumacher (6.43). He gives his thoughts on the team's current driver line-up (12.57) and details his friendship with Niki Lauda (23.51). Steiner finishes by answering some fan questions (26.42).
Published 04/25/23
Matt Baker is joined by former Head of Race Strategy at Aston Martin F1 Team and newly appointed Sky Sports pundit Bernie Collins to discuss what a strategist REALLY does (01:14), what it's like working with Sebastian Vettel (10:50), how less practice sessions can create more drama (25:36) and her bold predictions for the future of Formula 1 (43:09).
Published 04/18/23
Matt Baker, Damon Hill, Simon Lazenby and Jess McFadyen join for our latest pod. They give their thoughts on the Sprint format (2.48) and discuss Max Verstappen's opposition to it (16.08). The team debate the merits of a reverse grid (35.36) before ending with some fan questions (38.39).
Published 04/11/23
Matt Baker, Ted Kravitz and Tommo join us for our latest pod. They debate whether there is enough transparency around red flags (17:53), if Carlos Sainz's penalty was too extreme (24:44) and whether Red Bull's 'weakness' has been exposed (35:49).
Published 04/04/23
Ted Kravitz has been looking ahead to the Australian GP and what storylines we can expect from the third GP of the season. Find out why Max Verstappen is so desperate to claim victory in Melbourne, why you may spot Michael Masi this weekend and insight into Lewis Hamilton’s split with performance coach Angela Cullen.
Published 03/30/23
Matt Baker, Rob Smedley and Matt Gallagher join for our latest pod. Should Ferrari adopt a no-blame culture? (07:47) What are Charles Lercerc's chances of winning the World Championship with Ferrari? (12:15) When to expect meaningful changes from Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur? (21:47) Should practice sessions be scrapped? (33:49)
Published 03/28/23
Matt Baker, David Croft and Natalie Pinkham join for our latest pod. They review the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (2.10) and discuss the controversy around Fernando Alonso's podium (7.43). The team debate whether Red Bull will win every race this season (30.47) and assess Ferrari's poor start to the season (34.36).
Published 03/21/23
David Croft, Karun Chandhok and Damon Hill preview Saturday’s release of ‘Villeneuve Pironi: Racing's Untold Tragedy’. The documentary looks into the story of how Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi were torn apart by an historic and controversial moment in Formula One history.
Published 03/16/23
Matt Baker, Martin Brundle and Jess McFadyen join for our latest pod. They discuss the problems facing Mercedes (2.17) and whether Lewis Hamilton will ever win his eighth world title (15.09). The team dissect McLaren's difficult start to the season and whether Lando Norris will be regretting staying with the team (29.03). They finish by previewing this weekend's Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (41.29).
Published 03/14/23
Matt Baker, Simon Lazenby, Naomi Schiff and Karun Chandhok are this week's Sky Sports F1 podcast panel! The group discuss everything F1 related, including Max Verstappen and Red Bull's opening race victory in Bahrain, Aston Martin challenging Mercedes & Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton's mission for his 8th world title.
Published 03/07/23
Ted Kravitz has been in the paddock to look ahead to the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix. With the drivers performing their media duties on Thursday, there was a different feel to the first day back at the circuit with a couple of familiar faces no longer around. Ted fills us in about Lance Stroll's injuries, discusses whether Red Bull's drivers are starting to play down their apparent advantage and explains why Alpine might be a team to look out for despite not starring at...
Published 03/02/23
Matt Baker, Ted Kravitz, Natalie Pinkham and Karun Chandhok join for our debut pod. They review testing (1.17) and debate whether Red Bull's Max Verstappen will continue to dominate this season (11.57). The team dissect if Ferrari can get their act together (23.18) and if Mercedes will be closer to challenging this year (39.46). The other teams are discussed in detail (46.50) and Lando Norris' future at McLaren is questioned (54.07). They finish by giving their final thoughts on how the...
Published 02/28/23
What is the Sky Sports F1 Podcast? Matt Baker is here to tell you more...
Published 02/24/23