How does lighting impact on sleep and health? Is it really a big deal? To understand the interaction between lighting, sleep and health we spoke to Assoc Prof Sean Cain, a leading expert in lighting research, from Monash University.
Published 03/31/21
At times it can be hard to tell whether you have gone to sleep or not, or how much you have slept. This can be a particular problem for people with insomnia who can be prone to under-estimating how much sleep they are actually getting. To understand how this happen we spoke to Dr Lieke Hermans from Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.
Published 03/26/21
The current pandemic is affecting people around the world and having a significant impact on their sleep. We discuss changes in sleep seen during the pandemic and strategies people can use to help improve their sleep during this difficult time.
Published 08/02/20
Pregnancy can be a challenging time, particularly for women with sleep disorders such as narcolepsy who rely on medications to manage symptoms.
Published 05/30/20
Healthcare workers often have to work shifts that can incorporate long hours and working at times they would normally be sleeping. To understand these factors and how research is working towards finding solutions we interview Dr Julia Stone of Monash University.
Published 05/17/20
Fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers, like many shift-workers, face significant problems with sleep and mental and physical health. To discuss the issues facing FIFO workers we interview Dr Ian Dunican of Sleep4Performance, Melius Consulting and University of Western Australia.
Published 04/04/20
During times of uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, sleep can be challenging. To help with sleep during this time, we discuss simple strategies you can implement to help your sleep and mental health.
Published 03/23/20
Many people experience trauma in their lives, and a significant proportion develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Traumatic experiences can have a significant effect on sleep, causing sleep disturbance, nightmares and a fear of going to bed. There are evidence-based treatments available that can help to reduce the impact of PTSD on sleep. To discuss PTSD, its impact on sleep, and approaches to treatment we spoke with Assoc Prof Andrea Phelps, Deputy Director of Phoenix Australia at...
Published 03/07/20
Why do teenagers have trouble with sleep? What can be done about it? Answers from the experts in this episode of the Sleep Talk podcast.
Published 02/09/20
When the weather gets warm it can be harder to sleep. But what does heat actually do to sleep and what can be done to help sleep better on hot nights?
Published 01/05/20
What is social time, how does it relate to daylight saving time and what happens when it is out of sync with sun time and our own internal time?
Published 12/01/19
Medical cannabinoids are being increasingly prescribed for a range of conditions including sleep. Do cannabinoids help sleep? How are they prescribed?
Published 11/17/19
Tracking sleep over time can give helpful insights into sleep patterns and ways of improving sleep. This month we discuss the latest technologies for tracking sleep and interesting ways these technologies are being used in research with our guest James Slater from University of Western Australia.
Published 10/21/19
Highlights from the Sleep Down Under 2019 meeting in Sydney.
Published 10/19/19
What is sleep hygiene? Does it work? Can we be too careful about sleep? We discuss the pros and cons of sleep hygiene and put its role in perspective.
Published 10/06/19
Is sharing a bed with a partner good for sleep? On one level partners can be noisy, move around and be the cause of sleep disruption. But on the other hand, they can provide a sense of security and closeness. This month we discuss the pros and cons of sharing a bed.
Published 09/02/19
Alcohol is commonly used as a sleep aid, but does it really help sleep? We talk with Dr Rowan Ogeil about the impact of alcohol on sleep as well as other health effects.
Published 08/04/19
Hear the latest updates on sleep research from the Sleep 2019 meeting. In this episode we talk with Dr Simon Frenkel about the latest research in sleep.
Published 08/03/19
How does what we eat impact on sleep? What foods or types of diet can help with sleep? To help decipher this complex area we talk to Assoc Prof Marie-Pierre St-Onge, Director Sleep Center of Excellence Columbia University, Irving Medical Center.
Published 07/02/19
When we eat may be just as important as what we eat for managing obesity and health. We talk to Dr Gerda Pot, Nutritionist from the Louis Bolk Instituut and Kings College London about the emerging field of chrono-nutrition.
Published 06/23/19
Is it really normal to sleep for 8 hours undisturbed each night, or is that just an unrealistic expectation? We talk to Darian Leader, author of Why Can't we Sleep? about how people have slept throughout history and how many of our expectations about sleep are driven by social fads.
Published 06/01/19
Menopause is a time of significant changes in sleep, as well as a range of other symptoms. Why does this occur and how can symptoms be addressed?
Published 05/26/19
Sleep problems are common in pregnancy and change as pregnancy evolves. What happens to sleep during pregnancy? What is the best way to deal with sleep through pregnancy?
Published 05/19/19
Symptoms of tiredness, fatigue and sleepiness are common in chronic fatigue syndrome. How can these symptoms be addressed and sleep improved in people with fatigue syndromes? In this episode we tackle these questions with the help of Nathan Butler of Active Health Clinic.
Published 04/06/19