Our favorite resident Therapist Bae Ashli kicks it with Ked in the booth in a reversal of roles sort of speak. On this episode Ked is in the hot seat getting interviewed by Ashli to revisit his journey and to find out how he is coping and handling life post-op. Ked also discusses his internal struggles with trying to find the balance between not abandoning the past Ked and not resenting present day Ked. Tune in to get the scoop. You can follow Ashli's journey on Instagram, @vsg_ashli
Published 02/24/21
Dr. Joe Cribbins III, MD jumps in the booth with Ked to chop it up and talk all things bariatrics. Joe is a highly-skilled, esteemed, and board-certified surgeon who specializes in Ultra-Minimally Invasive Da Vinci general and bariatric surgery for weight loss at the Texas Center for Bariatrics & Advanced Surgery. Joe talks about the importance of following the guidelines laid out by your bariatric team in EVERY step of your journey. Tune in to get the scoop. You can follow Joe on...
Published 02/22/21
Michaela jumps in the booth with Ked on this episode to share her phenomenal weight loss journey and she also gives an interesting perspective on how the Instagram model is designed to be competitive and also how sometimes negative energy gets into the mix on IG when we open up our private lives to the the public and fall under scrutiny. Follow Michaela on Instagram, @losingtoblooming
Published 02/19/21
Michelle joins Ked on this episode and they have a very candid conversation about her weight loss journey and how her struggles with PCOS made her time in high school a living hell. Tune in to hear more of Michelle's fantastic journey! Follow Michelle on Instagram, @michobabyy
Published 02/15/21
This episode is sponsored in part by Premium Jane https://premiumjane.com/ At checkout use the code BELIEVE for 20% off. Sammi slides into the booth with Ked as co-host to talk all things weight loss and to share her journey. Sammi went through a rough patch post-op battling kidney stones and eventually finding out she had a thiamine deficiency. But, believe it or not she still has no regrets about getting weight loss surgery. Tune in to get the scoop! You can follow Sammi on Instagram,...
Published 02/11/21
This episode is sponsored in part by Premium Jane https://premiumjane.com/ At checkout use the code BELIEVE for 20% off. Tiffany joins Ked on this episode and keeps it all the way real chronicling events post-op and she lives her truth sharing things with me that some bariatric patients would probably never disclose for fear of being judged. Tune in to hear Tiffany's story, and you can find on Instagram, @1persevere
Published 02/08/21
Entrepreneur and motivator Cierra jumps into the co-host seat on this episode to chop it up with Ked talking all things weight loss. Cierra talks about her journey and what ultimately led to her having VSG surgery. Also Cierra discusses life post-op, the importance of finding happiness before surgery, and the virtual conference for women she founded, Life Beyond The Sleeve. Follow Cierra's journey on Instagram, @thechicandsavvybelle
Published 01/27/21
Nurse practitioner and IV hydration specialist Melissa is my co-host on the very first podcast of the new year, 2021. She shares her weight loss journey with me and we have a very candid discussion on health and wellness and the options that are available to bariatric patients. Melissa has been on a long road to get to where she is today and her story is a very compelling and inspirational one and you should listen in. You can find Melissa on Instagram, @rejuvenateuwellnessclinic to follow...
Published 01/04/21
Nerissa steps into the booth with Ked to share her weight loss journey and discuss making power moves as an influencer, Rissa Recharged. Nerissa shares some awesome good news with Ked that came about post-op as result of her healthy 'rebirth'. Tune in to get the scoop on all things weight loss! You can follow Nerissa on Instagram, @rissarecharged
Published 12/30/20
Genna steps into the booth to roc the mic with ya boy Ked on another super dope episode! Genna almost died post-op because of a complication that went undetected. Had it not been for her mother and a little divine intervention, Genna's story might have ended before it got started. Tune into to hear Genna's phenomenal weight loss journey! You can follow Genna on Instagram, @digesting_my_feelings
Published 12/18/20
Jessica cruises into the booth with Ked to talk shop about her weight loss journey thus far and her future with plastics. Realizing that she wasn't able to get down and play with her son like she wanted, Jessica knew it was time for a change. Plastic surgery is set for October 2021 in Mexico and you gotta listen in to hear about her family's concerns for going out of the country for plastics. However, no matter what anyone thinks Jessica said this surgery is goin' down! You can follow...
Published 12/02/20
Loni and Ashli come through to kick it on a Where Are They Now? episode to give an update on life post-op WLS and just to talk plenty shit like only they can with Ked. Both Loni and Ashli were guests on the Sleeved Believe The Hype Podcast earlier this year, and of course we came together and formed The People's Pantry and we are a family. You gotta tune in to hear the bomb ass conversation that we had and catch the vibe. You can follow Loni and Ashli individually on Instagram...
Published 11/11/20
Amber steps into the arena with Ked to chop it up ATLien style and talk all things weight loss. Amber's journey is jaw dropping to say the least. Weighing in at 565 lbs, Amber had a mini-stroke that made her reevaluate her life and take the necessary steps to have a gastric bypass so that she could live. But, her road to redemption was filled with road blocks and detours at every turn. Amber remained steadfast on her journey and endured tough times to lose over 400 lbs on her way to a...
Published 10/28/20
Kellie & Mel from Our Sleeved Life Podcast jumps into the booth with Ked for the first ever 'Crossover' podcast. The ladies from OSLP chop it up with Ked about their own podcast that is dedicated to life after the sleeve, and they also share a bit of their journey and how they cope with life now post-op. Tune in to listen to part one of the crossover episode now. For part two of the crossover Ked joins the ladies on their OSLP podcast that will debut next week! You can follow the...
Published 10/19/20
Tampa native Breana jumps into the booth with Ked to share her journey one year post-op and discuss how things are going now after the weight loss. Breana takes pride in her workouts and she is aspiring to transition into personal fitness to help others. One dope aspect of Breana's workouts that have had a definite impact are her 'booty gains'. So much so that haters are coming out of the woodwork accusing her of having plastic surgery to achieve those gains. Well, Breana is here to set the...
Published 10/14/20
Amber jumps in the booth on this episode to chop it up with Ked and drop some veteran knowledge. Amber had VSG surgery in November of 2015 and she discusses the highs and lows for her after the honeymoon phase post-op and everything that it entails. Listen in and hear it firsthand and she is holding up five years post-op. You can follow Amber's journey on Instagram, @iam_baegoals
Published 10/06/20
Nicole Jay hops on this episode with Ked to share her unique and storied weight loss journey. Nicole has had the total package with having VSG, and plastics to have skin removed and makeover. She is no longer allowing anything to hold her back from living her life to the fullest and getting out her dreams. Listen in and hear her talk about how her quality of life pre-op had her behind closed doors not wanting to be seen. You can follow Nicole Jay on Instagram, @nicolejay___ to see her amazing...
Published 09/27/20
Ked takes a leap across the pond to roc the mic with Nadine and she shares her superb journey. They hit a lot of topics along the way with loose skin being one thing they address. Nadine has no problem being transparent on IG and showing just how loose her skin has become six months post-op. Tune in to hear the discussion. You can also follow Nadine on Instagram, @un_bypassably_beautiful to see her in action!
Published 09/24/20
Char is seventeen months post-op and living her life like it's golden. She jumps in the booth with Ked and they discuss her weight loss journey and the aspect of unity within the community and holding open the proverbial door for other WLS candidates who are coming behind them. Char has found her calling and she is now living out her purpose in helping others navigate their journey with ease through the foundation that has been laid by others before them. You can follow Char on Instagram,...
Published 09/17/20
Houston, TX native Lacretia stepped in to the booth with Ked with a journey that you've got to hear to believe. On her journey there were several detours and bumps in the road, but Lacretia persevered to get to this point in her life where she is happy and healthy. After listening, you'll definitely believe the hype no doubt. You can find Lacretia to follow her journey on Instagram, @krisse_vsgtods
Published 09/04/20
Natasha, who originally hails from the Motherland, Zimbabwe to be exact, jumps into an in-depth conversation with Ked about how she navigated her weight loss journey on her terms. Those terms even meant not disclosing her plans to undergo VSG surgery to her mother until the day before the procedure. Natasha also discusses the importance of getting therapy and taking care of your mental first before embarking on any weight loss program. Tune in to get the scoop and find out why Natasha handled...
Published 08/26/20
At three years post-op from VSG surgery, Nichole is maintaining her weight loss, learning to love herself more, raising two young Kings, and living in her purpose enjoying her new lease on life. She shares her amazing journey on this episode with Ked and talks about all that she had to overcome to get to this moment of peace within. Listen in to see why everything is everything with Nichole in every sense of the word.
Published 08/25/20
Storyteller and dreamer Adhari drops in to kick it with Ked and she jumps right into her story sharing the ups and downs of her weight loss journey. Ked and Adhari address changing the narrative in both their families with educating them on clean eating and becoming healthier together. Tune in to learn what a 'food funeral' is, and how Adhari and pizza 'go together' like on some high school ish!
Published 08/21/20
Proffee enthusiast and plant lover Jacqueline is Ked's co-host on this episode, and they talk all things coffee, plants, and of course she shares her amazing weight loss journey. Who knew that there were so many levels to this coffee thing? Listen in and get the goods. Jacqueline can be found on Instagram @vsg_monet so be sure to follow her and get engaged on a new way of living.
Published 08/19/20
In the first episode since revamping the podcast, Gia comes through to kick it with Ked and share her journey. They talk about the importance of staying in tune with your mental, and moving past generational stigmas attached to seeking outside help and council to help you cope with your issues and addictions. Also, emotions run high when Gia talks about being able to roller skate with her son for the first time. You can follow Gia on Instagram @weight.just.sleeve.me.alone
Published 08/18/20