In this episode Rachel Wilkins, our host, speaks with Ashley Delonas, a multimedia artist who took art matters into her own hands to change her destiny and found healing through art. Ashley embraces the analogy and symbolism of the medium of your choice and associated risk and uses her art as a form of healing from trauma and abuse. She shares certain turning points in her life as an artist that allowed her to work past her limiting beliefs and give herself permission to create more! There is...
Published 02/21/22
Published 02/21/22
In this episode, we decided to reach out to some of the artists we work with and get first hand information of negative experiences they have had with galleries. Some talk about what they wish they knew before interacting with the galleries, tips on what to look out for, their biggest takeaways from the experiences and the importance of insuring one's artwork, regardless of who is in possession. Finally, the topic on pricing art and why you should be confident to name the price for your work...
Published 02/09/22
In this episode, our host, Rachel Wilkins talks about the best places to sell different art work, how to build your client avatar and locating the platforms they hang out at so you can connect. Finally, she shares her top 5 tips on how to optimize your Instagram account to sell more art online. 
Published 01/25/22
In this episode, our host Rachel Wilkins takes artists to task on the subject on money and mindset. The big question is, what is stopping you from making progress towards what you have set to achieve? She highlights how she came about the word she chose for the year and how she will use it as a compass throughout 2022. She emphasizes on the need to check the company one keeps and encourages artists to have an abundance mentality and take action.
Published 01/11/22
In this first episode to kick off the New Year, our host speaks with artist, witch and astrologer Lydia Knox to help us understand astrology and what it represents in all areas of life. She gives insight on 2022 readings month on month to help you plan ahead and manage the events that may occur all around. Keep a notepad next to you, you may want to remember dates! 
Published 12/31/21
In this week’s special edition, we put together some of the best advice, favourite highlights and nuggets of wisdom shared by several guests hosted on our show over the year. They were impactful, life changing and we hope you also find them inspiring and find some good take aways. 
Published 12/27/21
In this episode our host Rachel Wilkins speaks on self awareness, acknowledging your capabilities and dealing with vulnerabilities that come with being an artist.  She dives deep into the nuances of digital & social media marketing, and building strategies that work. She shares tips on usage of social media as a community building tool for art businesses. Finally, Rachel elaborates on brain drain, analytics and content planning for success.
Published 11/04/21
In this episode Rachel Wilkins discusses the 4 essentials you need to sell your artwork and why you should have an elevator pitch. She touches on effective ways to share about your work and guide your audience so that no money is left on the table. Finally she gives tips on how to confidently ask for a sale an the importance of building trust with your audience and collectors.
Published 10/28/21
In this episode, our host Rachel Wilkins talks about streams of passive income, digital products and how to be creative in order to earn. She sheds more light on affiliate marketing, its benefits,  and lastly teaching and how to have confidence in your abilities. Rachel finally guides on how to find your niche, tap into it and how SamCart has completely changed her business for the better. 
Published 10/20/21
In this episode, our host Rachel Wilkins Rachel Wilkins has an eye-opening discussion with the co-founder of SamCart, Scott Moran that will change the future of businesses and how they are operated. Rachel gives a testimony of how using SamCart transformed her business during the pandemic and how it can help revolutionise your business. Scott walks through the life cycle of SamCart and finally shares more details on the video series and upcoming launch which you definitely do not want to miss!
Published 10/15/21
In this week’s episode our host, Rachel Wilkins, dives deep into a topic that is of interest among many artists, which is gallery representation. She breaks down the types of galleries and services offered and how to check if they are relevant for your artwork. She walks through the process of getting gallery representation, the pitfalls and finally gives tips on how to prepare before submitting any proposals to galleries.
Published 10/12/21
In this episode, our host Rachel Wilkins speaks with life coach, Dr Gigi Arnaud on changing conditioned mindsets, negative and limiting beliefs in relation to neuroscience and psychology. They discuss comparison paralysis, ways to get aligned with the authentic you and practical ways to apply mindset principles and reprogram your own behaviour to create your version of success.
Published 10/05/21
In this episode, Rachel Wilkins, co-founder of Conception Arts teaches on why personal branding is important in building an image that affirms your roles as artists and how to control the narrative. She elaborates on marketing strategies that can potentially set you apart through personal branding, story telling and collaterals. These will support your work and carry the power and potential to influence buyer decisions if you put in the work and show up for your business everyday. 
Published 09/30/21
In this episode Rachel Wilkins demystifies the idea most have of who and what an art collector looks like. She speaks about the three things collectors are looking for, what conveys value, price point consistencies and effects. In closing she shares tips on how to remain curious, explore possibilities and why you need to build a cohesive, recognisable body of work.
Published 09/23/21
In this episode Rachel Wilkins, founder of Conception Arts shares on how, as an artist, herself she managed to overcome procrastination which keeps most talented people from moving forward, and created consistent habits that still help grow her business daily. Progress no perfection is her mantra, and she elaborates on ways to actively, plan for and work towards growing a business while learning how to deal with rejection by focusing on your passion and making commitments that will push you...
Published 09/17/21
In this episode we discuss what neuroscience has to do with artists and the topic of worthiness. Dr Chris speaks on how to recalibrate after traumatic experiences, trauma regulation skills, the reason why we focus on negativity as opposed to positivity and neuroscience based methods you can use to affirm your worthiness. Finally he explains the relationship between technology & sleep, and the importance of having a sleep routine.
Published 08/22/21
In this week's episode, our host Rachel Wilkins has a very interesting discussion with Eric Seropyan on SEO strategy and lead generation. They dive deep into website optimisation, the importance of Google metrics and how to monitor the analytics results. Eric shares tips on how to choose keywords that have a higher conversion rate, the key to addressing various audiences on a blog and more importantly, how to manage your reputation online.
Published 08/13/21
In this episode our host Rachel Wilkins speaks with David Drebin as he shares tips on building relationships in the right circles, dealing with rejection and the role of passion, time and self awareness in the success of any artist. He elaborates on internal versus external validation and the long term effects and finally they discuss pricing artwork and value perceptions.
Published 08/11/21
In this episode our host Rachel Wilkins has a powerful conversation with Mariana Ruiz, the CEO of Impact Driven Entrepreneur on ways in which business owners can work less and accomplish more and hire the right way in order to scale. Mariana shares her effective productivity hacks, intentional planning strategies and the importance of self care. She answers the question on how to align yourself with impact goals and finally the subject of limiting beliefs and ways to overcome them.
Published 07/04/21
In this episode, Rachel Wilkins speaks with Rodrigo Valles Jr and Gilbert James Ruiz from Aktual Money about financial resources that are available to artists running businesses, tips on record keeping, tax compliance and business structure that artists should consider having in place. They explore what artists can claim on their taxes, expenses related to bringing the studio into your home versus running a studio separately, the difference between federal and state taxes and its importance.
Published 06/28/21
In this second part of the interview, Rachel continues the conversation with Ben Davis, an art critic and author and they explore the idea of how NFTs have changed how we experience art, the surging popularity of NFTs, its future and the responsibilities of art critics and journalists on covering the back stories. Ben elaborates on the effects on associated costs of owning art pieces, benefits to artists, the importance of understanding art itself and investing in collectibles for the right...
Published 06/16/21
In this episode, Rachel Wilkins hosts art critic and author, Ben Davis who sheds light on his role as an art critic, how the pandemic has impacted the art world and his views on industry recovery process. He speaks on the direct buyer to consumer relationship that now exists between buyers and artists, art fatigue, how the pandemic has influenced relocation of galleries and the importance of criticism and debates on art.
Published 06/06/21
In this episode, Rachel Wilkins speaks with David Bianchi, a multi disciplinary artist, motivator, actor and poet on spoken word as a deep form of expression, use of film as an outlet for buried emotion and the power actors and poets have in helping effect change.They touched on inclusivity of people of colour in the conversations, co-existence of NFTs and Clubhouse post COVID19 and how to embrace your imperfections and get out of your own way.
Published 05/18/21
In this episode, our host Rachel Wilkins holds a discussion with Michael Lebowitz, CEO of the Magnetic Minds Studio about the definition of a brand and importance of story telling. He sheds light on behavioural neurology strategies and how they can help build memorable brands and techniques for introverts to gain confidence in their value and beliefs. 
Published 05/17/21