Leveraging the Multi-Disciplinary Design
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In our last podcast, we talked about the evolution of technology within the machinery industry and we highlighted three key differentiators for advanced machine engineering solutions: multi-disciplinary design, virtual machine simulation and commissioning, and multi-disciplinary BOM and configuration management. Today, in our second podcast of this series, we are discussing the first key differentiator and we are learning how machine manufacturers are leveraging multi-disciplinary design to make their manufacturing more efficient. Bill Davis is the Director of Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment Solutions at Siemens Digital Industries Software, working to help industrial machinery customers and heavy equipment customers improve innovation and profitability through the application of the Siemens portfolio. His background is in automation, converting, and packaging machinery. His 30 years of experience in engineering and management positions have shaped how he helps their customers and their go-to-market strategy. So, listen to the second part of the Siemens Podcast on Advanced Machine Engineering, where we discuss the significance of multi-disciplinary collaboration for machine builders and we also expand on the benefits of implementing this approach. Questions I ask: What exactly is multi-disciplinary design? (01:55)How would you respond to someone who might minimize the value that you just described for multi-disciplinary collaboration? (04:28)Do you have any examples for any companies that have embraced Advanced Machine Engineering as a strategy and if so, what kind of results they might have seen? (14:08) In this episode, you will learn: The meaning of the Mechatronics Concept Designer. (06:59)The dangers of having too much integration too quickly. (08:01)The benefits for those who are incorporating a multi-disciplinary collaboration into their manufacturing process. (10:47) Connect with Bill: LinkedIn
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