Matter Sets Sights on Universal Casting - Opal C1 webcam, Intel is bearish about the Metaverse, Matter
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The upcoming universal language for smart home devices, Matter, has revealed a TV spec that will theoretically allow for universal media casting. The Opal C1 webcam aims to be a DSLR camera packed into a webcam frame. Intel thinks it's going to be awhile before the Metaverse really kicks off due to technological constraints it feels its chips can help surpass. Matter could bring universal casting that actually works Smart home company Eve plans to use Matter to move beyond Apple's HomeKit Opal's C1 offers DSLR-rivaling video quality in a small form factor Dell's wireless webcam prototype uses magnets to stick to a screen Google Home update makes it easier to review Nest camera footage MGM Resorts is letting job seekers try out roles using virtual reality as it looks to reduce employee churn Intel Throws Cold Water on the Metaverse Happening Any Time Soon Meta adds sign language interpreters for Portal video calls LG's StanbyME is a wireless TV on wheels Alexa's latest celebrity voice is Santa Claus himself Enhanced Sleep Sensing in Nest Hub Picks of the week Matthew: Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad Mikah: Eve Room (with Thread) Hosts: Mikah Sargent and Matthew Cassinelli Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Show notes and links for this episode are available at: Sponsors:
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