DAILY: Insider the 'Secret Meeting' that Convinced The Block’s Leah to Turn on BFF Kristy!
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Love Island’s Matt Zukowski and influencer Tammy Hembrow HARD-LAUNCH their relationship! Love Island’s Tayla Damir exposes Qantas for ‘ANIMAL ABUSE’ after the airline mistreated her dog! Inside the ‘SECRET MEETING’ that convinced The Block’s Leah to turn on BFF Kristy! PLUS LOTS MORE! Want more of the latest gossip? Get extra hot tea on PATREON! Visit SO DRAMATIC! ONLINE and sign up for our newsletter! Follow on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TIK TOK, and join the FACEBOOK GROUP! Got a tip, request, question, or receipts? Contact: [email protected]! Want to partner or advertise with us? Contact: [email protected]! This is an independent podcast by entertainment journalist Megan Pustetto, who is dedicated to bringing you the hottest reality TV tea each week! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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