1490: Nowruz Reflections with Farnoosh and Ana Homayoun
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For Iranians and millions others who observe Nowruz, the New Year is a time spent reflecting on the past and setting goals for a new beginning. Ana Homayoun, Iranian-American founder of Green Ivy Consulting and Farnoosh exchange memories of celebrating Nowruz as kids, their favorite traditions, and why this new year takes on a new meaning with the ongoing revolution in Iran. More about Ana: For over 2 decades she has focused on helping students discover practical solutions to promote purposeful learning. Her prescriptive solutions encourage better executive functioning skills, effectively address the culture of teen perfectionism, and provide real-life advice on how to navigate social media and technology overwhelm in an always-on digital world. Her sensible perspective is real, relevant, and adored by parents, educators and students around the world. Her next book is called Erasing the Finish Line. You can preorder here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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