1569: Ask Farnoosh: How to Use Financial Fear in a Constructive Way?
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Farnoosh offers a glimpse into the framework she teaches in A Healthy State of Panic. Plus: How does Farnoosh define “success?” How does decide which projects are worth her time, resources, and energy? Listeners also have questions about their options when a prospective employer makes a low initial offer, the pros and cons to filing taxes jointly with your spouse and what to do with a $25k inheritance. Grab the last ticket for Farnoosh's Brooklyn launch event here. Pre-order A Healthy State of Panic and grab BIG bonuses here. Sign up for her newsletter and be the first to get all the news here. Questions from this episode aired originally on September 15, 2023. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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This week, Farnoosh addresses audience questions about how to get out of the financial grind with a life-changing opportunity, free support for getting out of debt and high yield savings versus investing. Which is better? Plus: Farnoosh talks about what she actually *wants* her kids to be afraid...
Published 12/01/23
Published 12/01/23
Today, we're diving into the art and science of making life’s big decisions and pivots with Stacy Ennis. Stacy and her family live a location-independent life in Portugal and throughout the years she has made some challenging (and exciting) career and life moves that may be unconventional but...
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