It Took A Woman to Win I Robert Madu I Social Dallas
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Pastor Robert Madu reminds us that we don’t get to choose who God will use, because God will use whoever He wants! Tune into his latest message, “It Took A Woman to Win”!   Thank you for partnering with Social Dallas! To GIVE Online- head to our website: Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Also follow us on all Social Media: Instagram:
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Dr. Anita Phillips encourages us to see just how intentional God is. From our emotional needs to the seeds in the ground, God has planted a garden within us to nourish. God Loves His Word and uses his word to awaken a testimony within us.        
Published 12/03/23
Published 12/03/23
Pastor Manny Arango shares a heart felt message about understanding our inner Pharisee. It’s important to acknowledge the inner critic that keeps us farther away from God, so we can learn how to truly love one another. God loves Pharisees, but God Loves PEOPLE! Thank you for partnering with...
Published 11/26/23