Functional Medicine, Questioning Everything, & How To Truly Understand 'The Science'
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Interview With The Great Amal Arshad. Amal Arshad, a functional and mind-body medicine advocate, discusses what led her to discover integrative medicine, the reason it’s the future of healthcare/managing chronic illness, and why it’s the secret sauce to healing and what you can do to implement it in your life! While Amal holds multiple science degrees and certifications and is an entrepreneur, she is also represented by agencies as a model and brand ambassador. Additionally, she does field market research for multiple large brands. She enjoys creating art, writing, dancing, and practicing yoga in her leisure time. Her ultimate goal and passion is to bring awareness to the intrinsic mind-body connection we are all capable of having, whether we are looking to heal physically, emotionally, or spiritually. You can contact her via: IG @Amalalala Email:[email protected]
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Published 02/22/23
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Published 01/30/23