Facebook Management with Jocelyn Goldfein
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Facebook engineering is designed to self-assemble. When an engineer joins Facebook, the engineer goes through boot camp, where they are exposed to multiple projects to find a good fit in terms of technical skills and personal preferences. Since there are so many different initiatives within the company at any given moment, a new hire can
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Google’s codebase is managed in a single monolithic repository. An engineer at Google can explore almost any area of the codebase within the entire company. In order to enable this, Google has built tooling to support the monolithic repo, including a virtual file system and a set of build tools....
Published 05/22/19
Alex Balazs is the Intuit Chief Architect and has been working at the company for almost twenty years. Intuit’s products include QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint. These applications are used to file taxes, manage business invoices, conduct personal accounting, and other critical aspects of a user’s...
Published 05/21/19
Africa is rapidly adopting the same software and hardware technologies that have transformed the western world over the last few decades. But access to computers and technology education is still uneven. Where there is access to computers, smartphone adoption often comes before access to laptops...
Published 05/20/19