Facebook Management with Jocelyn Goldfein
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Facebook engineering is designed to self-assemble. When an engineer joins Facebook, the engineer goes through boot camp, where they are exposed to multiple projects to find a good fit in terms of technical skills and personal preferences. Since there are so many different initiatives within the company at any given moment, a new hire can
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Andreas Antonopoulos is the author of several books about cryptocurrency engineering, including Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum. In these books, Andreas lays out the systems of economics and computer science that underpin the two most mature decentralized monetary systems. When Andreas...
Published 08/16/19
Software engineers often work as a contractor for some duration of their career. A contractor earns a fixed hourly salary for a defined period of weeks, months, or years. Contract work can be more flexible than full-time work, and often pays more than full-time software engineering, because...
Published 08/15/19
The service mesh abstraction allows for a consistent model for managing and monitoring the different components of a microservices architecture.  In the service mesh pattern, each service is deployed with a sidecar container that contains a service proxy. These sidecars are collectively referred...
Published 08/14/19