Blissfully: Comprehensive IT Management with Aaron White
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Delivering Saas products involves a lot more than just building the product. Saas management involves customer relationship management, licensing, renewals, maintaining software visibility, and the general management of the technology portfolio.  The company Blissfully helps businesses manage their SaaS products from within a complete IT platform with organization, automation, and security built in. The Blissfully
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Blockchain protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum have changed the cyber world dramatically in the last decade. They’ve created communities of like-minded developers, generated new financial markets, and popularized “decentralization” in computer networks. However, they require large resources to...
Published 08/03/21
Enterprise data warehouses store all company data in a single place to be accessed, queried, and analyzed. They’re essential for business operations because they support managing data from multiple sources, providing context, and have built-in analytics tools. While keeping a single source of...
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In this episode we discuss venture capital and more with Preface Ventures Founder and General Partner Farooq Abbasi. This interview was also recorded as a video podcast. Check out the video on the Software Daily YouTube channel. Sponsorship inquiries:
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