Introducing: Crossing the Line with M. William Phelps
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From the team that brought you Paper Ghosts, Crossing the Line with M. William Phelps is a weekly true crime podcast that dives deep into cases that have rarely been covered. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. You see stars, you feel giddy, but sometimes it makes us do crazy things and sometimes that means murder. Crazy In Love digs into the complex and contentious real-life stories of when beautiful love takes a gruesome turn. We explore the murderous...
Published 11/17/21
Published 11/17/21
In late 1888, five women were brutally murdered in a slum neighborhood of London. The violent killer earned himself a nickname - Jack the Ripper. But everything you think you know murders and those murdered women is wrong. In a new 15-part series, historian Hallie Rubenhold tells you the real...
Published 10/05/21