Depths of Ocotillo Mine
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Someone Dies In This Elevator - Depths of Ocotillo Mine Rating: PG-13. Enter the depths of the mine, and find out what awaits you. This episode contains generational trauma, discussion of the loss of loved ones, and death in an elevator. Transcript here. The trailer at the end of the episode was for A Ninth World Journal, a science fantasy audio drama podcast set in the very distant future. The stories document the travels of Januae, a researcher who suffered a teleportation accident and now uncontrollably jaunts to strange places throughout the Ninth World. This episode was written by Andrew Siañez-De La O and directed by Newton Schottelkotte. Script editing by Jesse Schuschu. Dialogue editing by Nikko Golstein and sound design by Tal Minear. Scoring by Tal Minear. Executive produced by Tal Minear. Episode artwork by Tal Minear.  Starring: Jupiter Aispuro as Rosa. Chris Magilton as Mike. Additional voices by Trevor Van Winkle, Virginia Spotts, Brad Colbroock, and Tal Minear. Follow us @SDITEpod on Instagram, Tumblr, & Twitter! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 03/15/23
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Published 03/06/23