Children of Evil
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Infants and children represent innocence and hope for the future of our world. They need to be nurtured and protected by those who love them. But because kids can be so helpless, it leaves them vulnerable to sources of evil. They make for easy prey sought after by bad-actors for their youth. So we must look out for them, because if we’re not careful they could be taken by the dark side.  First, an unwanted guest  Followed by the feral child  Then, don’t let them in  Finally in our featured story, a face in the dark •James Patterson’s thrilling adventure series gets an exclusive, audio-only origin story in Daniel X: Genesis, brought to life by an all-star cast. Listen at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 03/21/23
 It's St. Patrick's day this week. A day that commemorates the Saint and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It celebrates the Irish luck that people feel because of the occasion. And while many of us count our blessings, and have moments of feeling lucky, there are those who seem absolutely...
Published 03/14/23
Throughout history there have been tales and legends of powerful women. We've been praised for creating life, accused of inciting wars and everything in between. We are brave, strong and compassionate and when pushed to the edge, we're capable of anything and cannot be stopped. Even if we need to...
Published 03/07/23