Gain Staging Demystified (...How To Set Ideal Levels for Recording and Mixing)
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There's plenty of advice out there on gain staging. But what IS gain staging, and why should you care? Justin Colletti goes deep on the fundamentals of gain staging to help you improve your workflow—and your sounds—in the studio. ►See free audio tutorial videos with Justin here: ►Get Mixing Breakthroughs here: ►Get Mastering Demystified here: ►Get the free mastering workshop: ►Get the free mixing workshop: ►Win free stuff at Originally Episode 145 on Nov 6th or 15th
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Compression and limiting are among the hardest music production skills to learn. Almost everyone makes these 5 mistakes when they first get into mixing audio. And for a long time after as well! Below, Justin Colletti gives you what you need to know to avoid the most common pitfalls of mixing...
Published 06/17/22
"Fix it in the mix!" We all know it can't be done... Or CAN it? Justin Colletti offers advice on what to do when you encounter sounds that you feel need to be "fixed" in the mix. Thanks to iZotope for sponsoring this episode of the SonicScoop Podcast. Get 10% off their plugins at...
Published 05/31/22