EP 142: You are Unbreakable with Karen Dean
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Karen Dean has learned to be resilient despite having suffered many challenging events in her life. She is passionate about teaching women to become resilient and she shares her insight with us today including how does one know they are resilient and what does it mean to be healed. When her friend Gina was gunned down in the NS massacre, Karen jumped into action. Karen’s philosophy is helping is healing, so she quickly published a book of 22 women’s stories and created clothing to fund the families of the NS shooting.. She was able to donate $96,000. You will learn today what the title her book expresses…We are unbreakable.  -  We chat about: ✔️the importance of learning the lessons ✔️she shares how she know that she is healed ✔️how to become relisient ✔️helping is healing ✔️the tool that changed Karen’s life -- *Please be advised that this episode deals with many difficult life events that may be a trigger to some including references to the NS mass shooting. -- About Karen Dean:  -- If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that we need to be incredibly resilient and very much aware of the things that are truly important to us. Karen Dean is a resilience expert, inspiring speaker and bestselling author on a mission to help women reboot their resilience and define the next and BEST chapter of their lives, both personally and professionally. She leads by example, having found success repeatedly as a serial entrepreneur and now as the founder of the Resilience Reboot. Recognized by the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards as a Nominee in 2014 and 2021, Karen has been a mentor to women in business throughout her career and was mentored herself by Arlene Dickinson of CBC TV’s Dragon’s Den. Karen has shown dedication to her community through extensive volunteering, including roles as a founding member of several community and business development organizations. Since 2018, she has also raised over $120,000 for families in need in her home province of Nova Scotia and was chosen to receive the QueenPin Award in 2020 for her extraordinary effort to improve her community. Karen is the proud mother to three amazing humans who she points to as not only a source of joy but as her greatest accomplishments. As you are about to hear, her advice for other women springs from a mountain of lived experience, and she’s passionate about her mission to help other women find their resilience and live their best life, a purpose she lives in her own life every day. Connect with Karen Dean: www.KarenDeanSpeaks.com www.WeAreUnbreakable.com https://strongerns.com/ to purchase clothing that supports great causes. www.facebook.com/karendeanspeaks www.instragram.com/karendeanspeaks www.twitter.com/karendeanspeaks
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