EP 143: Blazing Your Own Trail with Alisha Anderson
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Alisha Anderson is blazing her own trail as founder and creator of Dione Cosmetics. She is an inspiring entrepreneurial woman who shares her secrets to believing in yourself and how her make-up company is more than skin deep . It is a vessel to share the message to live life beautifully and to believe that anything is possible. Alisha shares stories of the strong female role models she has had in her life that allowed her to believe in herself and pursue her dreams.  --  We chat about: ✔️how she started blazing her own trail ✔️the teacher that changed her life ✔️her mom’s message that helped her overcome negativity ✔️lessons she has learned about herself ✔️what entrepreneurship has taught her -- About Alisha Anderson:  -- After working in non-profit for a few years and suffering burnout, Alisha left behind her Bachelor's Degree to pursue a dream she never knew she had. In 2009, she started Cosmetology School and completed her makeup license, earning top marks in the province. After 3 years of research and product testing, Dioné Cosmetics launched in March 2012. It utilizes the social selling business model and empowers people to "Live Life Beautifully". In 2019, she successfully petitioned the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick to allow for a hybrid school with theory being taught online and practical being taught in person. When the pandemic hit, it offered up a unique opportunity for Alisha to pursue another goal; to obtain her Cosmetic Chemistry degree. In May 2020, she started studying and after 18 months, is preparing to write her final exam. She believes anything is possible.....  --  Connect with Alisha Anderson:  Website:  https://dionecosmetics.com/  Facebook: @dionecosmetics  Instagram: @dionecosmetics
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