EP 115: Becoming Enough: Beyond the Scale with Kim Basler
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Have you struggled with your self worth because of a number on a scale? Kim Basler shares her story of a life in the fitness industry that started with dieting and exercising at 12. She takes us through her journey of lack of self-acceptance, chronic dieting and an eating disorder that lead to a breaking point in her health 2016. She also shares her very relatable healing journey that involves making peace with her body and ultimately learning to love herself. -- About Kim: -- Kim Basler is Food Freedom & Mindset Coach, Speaker, and co-author of the best-selling book “Owning Your Choices”, stories of courage from inspirational women around the world. Her global reach has allowed her to support 1000s of women with self-love, finding peace with food & their bodies, and igniting the fire within to go after their dreams After being named “Group Fitness Instructor of the Year” and sharing her passion for Health & Wellbeing at Canada’s largest fitness company chain, her secret 30-year long battle with disordered eating, body image, overexercising & burnout required her to surrender to her inner struggles and begin to heal from the inside out. Through her certification in eating psychology & mind body nutrition and 100s of hours she has devoted to self-development, she exists to empower women around the world to go deeper than another diet, learn to love the woman they see in the mirror, and cultivate their intuition to take care of themselves unapologetically -- Website : www.kimbasler.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kim.basler Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kimbasler_foodfreedom/
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