Episode 8.9 - Honor
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“Whoever seeks honor with Allah, everything humbles itself before him and his honor remains everlastingly. Whoever seeks honor with other than Allah, he becomes humiliated before everyone, and his humiliation remains everlastingly.” In this episode, we will cover: • True honor • The Duʿa of Sayyiduna ʿAlī • Being elevated by Allah Additional Resource: • Recommended Duʿa of Sayyiduna ʿAli (may Allah be well pleased with him): كَفانِي عِزَّاً إذْ كُنْتَ لي رَبَّاً، وكَفَانِي فَخْرَاً إذْ أنَا لَكَ عَبْداً، أنتَ كَمَا أُحِبُّ فَوَفِّقْنِي لِمَا تُحِبّ، أنْتَ كَمَا أُريدُ فَوَفِّقْنِي لِما تُرِيد. Kafānī ‘izzan idh kunta lī Rabban, wa kafānī fakhran idh anā laka ‘abdan. Anta kamā uḥibb, fawaffiqnī limā tuḥib. Antā kamā urid, fawaffiqnī limā turīd It is enough honor for me that You are my Lord, and it is enough eminence for me that I am Your servant. You are as I love, so enable me to be as You love. You are as I want, so enable me to be as You want.
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