Body Image & Your Relationship with Food – Ilene Leshinsky
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It’s no secret that body image and self esteem are closely related and that many women (and men) feel dissatisfied with their body shape, size and/or weight. A person’s relationship with their body and with food can have a significant impact on quality of life. Body image disorders, eating disorders and disordered eating are too often the result of body dissatisfaction and chronic dieting. Tune in to this episode with guest Ilene Leshinsky, MSW, to learn about: the history and trends in weight and diet culture how a woman’s sizes relates to her “currency” the relationship between body image and weight, food and exercise why having “weight” as your primary focus keeps you stuck perspectives on whether intentional weight loss is healthy or not intuitive eating principles and how to begin implementing them staying on track with intuitive eating when it’s easier to rely on habits and autopilot how our bodies have innate wisdom that we can tap into to guide us on a healthful journey Full shownotes and resources at:
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