Go-To Recipes & Tools to Revolutionize Dinnertime
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By the time dinnertime arrives, most of us are already experiencing a long day’s worth of decision fatigue. And if you’re like me, you’re always looking for that simple, yummy and healthy “go-to” recipe that will satisfy every family member and yet not require too much time in the kitchen or too many dishes to wash. Look no further because my friend, registered dietitian and author Jen Haugen, has solved the dinnertime dilemma for good with her new book “Dinner, Done!” I like to call this a “cookbook/workbook” because it is more than just a collection of recipes. In addition to the simple, tasty and healthy recipes, she shares her “forever dinner menu map” that literally puts an end to weekly meal planning. Tune into this episode to learn about: the “kitchen quiz” to help assess your individual needs and priorities family-friendly recipes that are fast and healthy the benefits of pressure cooking, air frying, smart grilling, one pot recipes and pizza night the forever dinner menu map that is a game changer for easy weeknight meals the best kitchen tools for busy families that save the most time a sample, six-week, dinner menu plan with simple side dishes for every weeknight the one-and-done grocery list so you are ready to make any meal any night of the week Full shownotes and resources at: https://soundbitesrd.com/221
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