Bachelor (Jay Som and Palehound): Mutual Fans and Collaborators
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Poughkeepsie, New York-based Ellen Kempner (who performs as Palehound) and L.A.-based musician Melina Duterte (who performs as Jay Som), have joined forces as Bachelor – a friendship, not just a band. They play songs from their collaborative debut album, Doomin’ Sun, which combines vivid imagery, adventures in production, and an intimate sense of comfort. On June 10, the duo will present and perform at their first concert, Doomin’ Sun Fest, a livestream whose line-up includes Tegan & Sara, Adrianne Lenker (Big Thief), Jeff Tweedy, Courtney Barnett, Vagabon, Tune-Yards, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Japanese Breakfast, Soccer Mommy, and more. Set list: “Stay in the Car,” “Sick of Spiraling,” “Went Out Without You”  “Stay in the Car”: "Sick of Spiraling": "Went out Without You":  Here's Doomin’ Sun: Doomin' Sun by Bachelor
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