Forró In The Dark: A Charismatic Update on a Brazilian Classic (Archives)
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Forró In The Dark's music is meant to be played under the cover of night. The band is named after forró, a type of Northeastern Brazil dance music. The New York based Brazilian ex-pats give traditional music an update with jazz, rock, psychedelia, folk and charismatic and attentive rhythms. Since their formation in 2002 (beginning as a birthday entertainment for lead singer, Mauro Refosco), Forró In The Dark has worked with musicians like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace and David Byrne among others. Their cross-cultural sound takes on new elements on their 2015 album, Forro Zinho: Forro in the Dark Plays Zorn, where the group takes on American avant-garde sax player/composer John Zorn's works with a Brazilian twist. They perform in-studio. Setlist: "Forro Zinho" "Novato" "Life is only real then when I am" For more pictures from the session visit our Tumblr. 
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